The Broken Financial System

What if I told you that thieves were stealing your belongings in your house right now? And what if I told you I could display undeniable evidence  …  solid proof?  What would your response be? Would it not create a cause of concern within your heart and mind? Yet our financial systems perform this unjust action every day and we calmly accept it. Central banks world over, have been key in crafting the framework that allows the system to rob us with a smile!!

On May 2016, the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago released a notification on its foreign exchange policy page which has some disturbing implications.

Central Bank Warning 1

If you have foreign currency and you engage in an exchange for our local dollars falls under “buying” and “selling” which is illegal, unless, it is an  authorised dealer! Let’s see who are these authorised dealers:

Central Bank Warning 2

Twelve wonderful institutions that love to give you so much less for more. They repeat the warning in detail this time.

Central Bank Warning 4

Notice in this version they added gold to it. Is there something that the central bank can see that we the citizens cannot? Take a look at the consequences below:

Central Bank Warning 4

In lay man’s terms, if you engage in “illicit”  foreign exchange transactions on any scale  you will receive a fine and two to five years in jail. You can also lose anything that the court deems valuable when convicted.  Let us take some time to recap what this document is about.

1) You can only buy, sell, borrow or lend foreign currency or gold (I would also put precious metals in this) through these legalised larcenous institutions (banks).

2) Any human (except those with “legal” authority) if charged or convicted must pay a fine and receive jail time, no exceptions!

3) The court if sees fit, they will confiscate your currency, securities, gold/precious metals, goods or anything they deem beneficial to them.

You may be saying to yourself “Why are you so critical of the banks and financial agencies”? This, my dear readers, is just the surface of the deception that these financial institutions perform in our faces. We must be sober and vigilant of our financial circumstances we are in. Only an informed public can change and even stop what the system is doing to us and our future generations.


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