Love them Spreads

A breakfast favourite for friends, allies and co-workers of mine is the infamous bread and butter. How can one like cold (or warm) fermented processed milk on yeast and flour is beyond me. There are many delightful spreads on can choose such as peanut butter, fruit spreads and even Nutella. They are wonderful in taste and aid toward building a happy mood. Sadly, this spread you have read about before cannot be consumed nor is it pleasant to the average citizen. The central bank is the governor of this spread and distributes its produce to the populace by consumer banks.


Central Bank Spread

The Bid\Buying price and Ask\Selling price and the difference between them called the spread.


While a normal citizen cannot purchase foreign exchange by the central bank, you can see clearly the policy it has set for the commercial banks that do sell to citizens. The spread can change, literally, overnight without warning as explicitly stated by all commercial banks. The spread is especially ridiculous for the Pound and Euro, even though they have lost value over the years due to their money printing programs.

FCB Spread

With FCB you lose $1.1123 TTD for every physical Great Britain pound you want to convert. It may not seem like much, however, try converting £10.00 or £100.00 to TTD….

Royal Bank Spread

With Royal Bank, for every Euro you wish to convert to TTD you lose $0.7305. Almost seventy-five cents is lost for every Euro converted! Isn’t that wonderful?

Those who choose to purchase cash or perform physical-to-digital conversion will be at a greater loss than a digital-to-digital one (transferring TTD from your bank account to your debit\credit master cards). Why is the ask\selling price obscenely higher than the bid\buying price for cash especially Euros and Pounds? If we have a shortage of US dollars in our country, why is this obscene spread not seen in the US dollar instead? Sadly, this is one spread that most humans deal with worldwide but least understood by the masses. With knowledge and discipline, we shall know how to use this type of spread to our advantage.


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