Cost Effective Solution to Digital Entertainment

My fellow readers and seekers, we must accept the reality that we are not financially fairing well now and in the next couple of months or years. Our government is ladened with debt. The biggest contributor to our total revenue (Oil) is erratic at best, a devaluing currency nobody in the world wants (Trinidad and Tobago Dollar), and revised rates of old taxes means less to make do has certainly impacted on you unless you’re an investor or a different kind of business person.



If you want weak cable transmission, Spanish advertisements and expensive cable installations/rentals look no further than flow!


Flow the primary provider of Cable has steadily increased prices every two years beginning from 2012 while the overall quality and service has decreased. Direct TV has its issues, as you need to pay for a satellite with accessories and pay a monthly reload fee. Netflix may seem like a better solution however if the exchange rate changes lean toward the US dollar then you would have to pay more each month for the service.



One Pre-paid kit $400.00. Monthly Direct TV Top up $159.39. Total cost of 1 yr with Direct TV = $2312.68  TTD


You may say some of these services are convenient to you. “Convenience” however, is slowly robbing you when you apply how much inflation, increasing taxes and total cost of services to your (very) slow growing income.  Think about it, when was the last time you got a pay increase that could fight off these things comfortably? This monthly fee you pay can be invested into appreciating asset classes (bitcoin/ precious metals), a practical skill than can generate returns or placed into clearing off your debt faster. The following are pre-requisites that will allow you to access this content:

  • Willing Mind to Learn
  • Basic Knowledge of Computers/Android Devices
  • A computer, Mac or Andriod device
  • Internet Connection

If you have these then I am here to enlighten you on some of the many free options available to you that are ad blocker friendly (PC/Mac):

Filmon – You can install this app on your PC, Mac or Android device to access free TV channels from Africa, Asia, USA, UK and Europe.

Showbox – Another popular app for Android one can use to watch various TV series and movies. – This website allows you to watch the latest movies and has most TV series available. – Another great site for watching entire series of cartoons and is up-to-date with series. – A good place to find movies and tv shows in HD

For those who wish to watch our depressing and disturbing news media in Trinidad & Tobago here are the two links you can watch news on:

Warning – It is good to know that you have many free options in digital entertainment, please do not spend most/all of your time consuming them. It will not do you nor your family, friends and allies (through consistent actions) any good. Documentaries are okay in this regard if they are backed up with doing your unbiased research.


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